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  • Investment Trends and Opportunities in Africa

    Investment Trends and Opportunities in Africa


    Chris Hart

    This research paper, by Omega Investment Research Pty Ltd, the UK/South African investment facilitator, explores the research that has been done on the changing trends in investment in Africa and future investment opportunities. These reflect the nature of international interest in the continent and the developing conditions on the ground. In this context, it also considers British interest and involvement, both current and future, in investing in the African continent. This is a very comprehensive, timeous and valuable study to any business involved in Africa or thinking of being involved.

    Chris Hart - Chief Economist and Strategist -Investment Solutions  


    Dr Denis Worrall

    This research product reflects Omega’s meticulous approach and high standards – qualities reflected in its conferences, investment workshops and roadshows all around the world. These are also qualities that apply to specific research products arising out of our client-base in 26 countries.”

    Dr Denis Worrall, chairman and founder of Omega Investment Research. Dr Worrall has been a consultant at the World Bank, Vice-Chairman of the International Bank of South Africa, and Ambassador to the UK and to Australia.

    Google “Denis Worrall South Africa” for details. 

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