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    15 Nov 2013

    Editorial Note:

    Given the fact that it is an Island and situated some 2000 km off the south east coast of the African continent, many people we have found don’t regard Mauritius as part of Africa. However, we at Omega have always treated it as such when conceptionalising our marketing and investment events in different parts of the world. For reasons our chairman Dr Denis Worrall explains below we have now significantly extended our relationship with Mauritius with the establishment of MauritiusAfricaConnex. And we invite you to join us. Also see other pages.

    Dear Business Associate,

    We have marketed Mauritius as a country in our Euro-African series, roadshows, workshops and conferences since 2006 and have come to greatly respect that island nation. Just consider the following:

    • With a population of a slightly less than 2.3 million, Mauritius is heading towards a service-orientated and innovation-driven economy
    • Tourism, while still extremely important, has given way to the financial services sector which is becoming the most important contributor to the Mauritius economy
    • The fiscal regime is among the most globally competitive, with personal and corporate tax harmonised at the low rate of 15%
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