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History of Omega

Omega Investment Research was formed in 1989 by Dr Denis Worrall, former South African Ambassador to Australia and the Court of St James. He is the former vice-chairman of the International Bank of Southern Africa and a consultant to the World Bank.

Omega’s main aim initially was to offer advice on doing business in South Africa to international companies and investors and to promote South Africa internationally through various communications media including events, publications, websites and video.

This led to many high impact conferences for Omega with our first in 1992 in London focussing on the developments in South Africa and the prospects for regional economic integration. Before Omega had evolved into a specialised consultancy active globally in African Investment promotion, trade facilitation and business development.

To date we have worked with various South African Government Departments and most of the country’s provincial governments and/or investment promotion agencies. We have also had the honour of representing a handful of African and Asian countries.

Supporters and clients: